Tuesday, 12 June 2018


hey - long time no see!!

So sorry I've been absent again from blogging! This time it is mainly because I've been so preoccupied with uni, whether it was doing sooo much coursework or going on trips or days out with all the amazing people I've met there. But now first year is finished and I don't know what to do with myself!! I've got 3 months off until I go back for second year in September, but I do have a couple of holidays planned so look out for some photos!!

First year has honestly been one of the best years ever, its true what they say about first year being so much fun! For anyone thinking of going to uni themselves, the transition to uni is quite hard, especially if you get home sick, but it is definitely worth it! For me, I live relatively close to where I go to university so I didn't feel home sick, my uni house also felt like home. And all the wonderful people you meet at uni makes the transition so easy. 

To make sense of some of the photos above, I'm doing a Fashion branding and communication course and so far it has involved fashion marketing, photography, styling, trend forecasting and publication/editorial design. In other words Im basically always infront of a screen creating some form of publication on Adobe InDesign or infront of a camera doing a photoshoot, and Ive honestly loved all the projects Ive done this year!! My advice is pick a subject you love rather than one you might think is a 'safe' option, because the hard work is so much more enjoyable if you also love what you're doing! Quick self promo - if you wanna see what Ive been up to at uni follow my Instagram where Ive made a kind of portfolio of work @tashawilsonaub

I also live super close to the beach at uni and have spent alot of my time there!! Its out fave place to go when the suns out and we can get student 2for1 cocktails lol

And finally, Ive been lucky to go on a handful of free trips with my course. We've been to the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A, Bicester Village, the Russel Cotes Museum and The Design Museum to name a few. My fave experience had to be not that long ago at Graduate Fashion Week, where I helped backstage at our unis graduate catwalk show. It was so much fun being part of the buzz of a fashion show and seeing all the collections the graduates on the Fashion Design course (my course isn't design) had handmade.

So to conclude, if you're thinking of going to uni Id say definitely go!! Its an experience you don't wanna miss

Till next time
Love from Tasha x


  1. Tash this is so fab! I love this reflective style of post, all your pics make me so jel. Can't wait to visit you next year in your new house;) xoxo

  2. Loved reading this! So glad you enjoyed your first year ⭐️☁️

  3. I'm literally in love w these pictures, the fashion pics are insane <3
    First year uni really is fun and I'm glad u have a bit of time to relax now.

    1. thank you so much!! yes looking forward to summer x


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