Monday, 17 August 2015


Hello and Welcome,
Although in England it seems the sunny weather has basically disappeared for another year (these photos are from a couple of weeks ago), I've been loving wearing summer prints at the moment. This bikini from Topshop is one of my favourite prints and I was so happy to snap it up in the sale last year. I love the 50s vibes and the high waisted pants make me feel way more confident in a bikini. They cover you up more but still show of your figure, definitely would recommend grabbing a bikini like this!

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hello and Welcome,

A few days ago I spent the day at Lexies beach hut, and it was one of those simple but beautiful summer days. So I wore a simple summer outfit, which has been my go-to outfit when the suns out. I love my new top from Primark which can be worn off or on the shoulder and it is just super pretty. The best thing is it was only £2 in the sale!!

I also want to change what I do on my blog a bit. I really want to take my own photos of places I go and things I do aswell as what I'm wearing. But I want more than just an outfit post if you get what I mean… I don't think that made any sense but hopefully you will see what I mean in future posts!  So stick around :))

P.S. Thanks to Lexies beach hut for being hella cute