Sunday, 21 May 2017


Hey hey

Once again I must apologise for neglecting my blog but you know how it is when you have your final a-level exams in 2 WEEKS and you've got lots to do hahaha

Today I wanted to share with you a few photos from my 18th birthday last week!! It was honestly such a lovely day and I was well and truly spoiled (you're only 18 once I guess). I am sooo so so grateful and I just wanna do it all again. 

So basically my birthday was on a Thursday so I had sixth form. After school I went into town with a few of my friends and went to Bills. It's becoming sort of a tradition and so I bought my first cocktail which was yum (didn't even get ID'd haha but that was because the waitress saw my present that said happy 18th on, BUT STILL). I opened lots of lovely presents and had the best victoria sponge cake made by mum. Then we went out with my family to Zizzi. Overall it was such a great day. Then on Friday, I went out for a meal with all of my friends to this fab restaurant just down the road from the beach. We sat outside in the sun sipping cocktails until we realised we're in England and it's still too cold lol. Then we ate loadssss and my friends made me the most amazing chocolate marble cake oh my. I have the birthday blues...

So I hope you liked this little post were i just rambled on... I probably won't do much more posting till after exams now but when I'm free I will be back!!

Love from Tasha


  1. happy birthday! wish you had a nice day ^^

  2. Happy belated birthday girlie, lovely photos - and good luck with your exams, I have my media in two weeks (I think you have the same one as me)!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks lovely!! Good luck to you too! Yesss I do AQA, we can do this!!! Hahahah x

  3. had the bestest time, glad you did too x x

  4. Happy belated birthday!! So many cute photos & good luck with your exams xx

  5. Happy Birthday ! xx


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