Saturday, 25 February 2017


Hey everybody

I'm really enjoying blogging at the moment so here I am posting again!!

Anyway, please excuse the awkward posing and squinty facial expressions, but here's a little outfit post for y'all. If you live in England you can whinge about the weather with me. It's been super cold this winter!! This means I practically live in jumpers. This jumper is so warm and oversized so I've been loving it recently. This look is super simple but I kinda like it. It has some Lindsey Rem vibes and I really like her grungy but feminine style [check out her Instagram and YouTube to see what I mean]. I literally luvvvvre her, she seems like such a cool gal.

These jeans are quite a recent purchase from H&M and I love the detail of the panel down the side of the jeans. I find jeans are always so hard to find as each one fits completely differently or has different material and it just stresses me out lol... so I'm glad I found some I like after months of struggling.

jumper- unknown
denim jacket- car boot sale
jeans- H&M
trainers- Adidas
socks- Topshop
rings- Pia and Pandora 

Love from Tasha


  1. this is so cute whaaat
    hoodies and jumpers are life savers, it's always so cold in the morning...can't wait for spring/summer!

    Dalal //

  2. This outfit looks super comfy! Must be perfect for Sundays!! :)


  3. i love how look jumpers with denom jackets <3

  4. Love this outfit - very similar to the stuff I've been wearing, since the weathers been so horrible and cold!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks Lucy! Yes I hope the sun pops out a bit more!! X

  5. This outfit is super duper cute xx

  6. Oh my god I live in baggy jumpers! I love how you've paired it with a denim jacket too!
    Much love
    Freya x


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