Friday, 23 September 2016


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If you have read my previous post [here], you will know I am doing a project at school called the EPQ. If you haven't seen that post, please go give it a read and maybe even leave a comment!! 

So my project is focused on the evolution of fashion photography. I'm looking at street style photography and blogging too, and how it has effected fashion. So IT WOULD BE AMAZING if you could spare a few seconds to take my survey. It has a few questions about fashion photography, street photography, blogging and what platforms you use to find fashion inspiration. I'd be ever so grateful if you could check it out so I have some market research for my project!!

Just click the link to take the survey

Any other information you think might be helpful, feel free to comment below. I would love it if you could tell me some fashion photographers or bloggers you really love or think have made a big impact on the fashion world.

Thank you!!

Love from Tasha x

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