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Hi y'all

Today's post is a bit different- it's all about my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). For those who don't know, an EPQ is an independent research project where students must choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product.  It is equivalent to half an a-level and it is something extra Universities may look for in your application. At the end of my project I must write an 1000 word essay and create an "artefact" (product). The most important thing is to pick an area of study you are interested in, so I chose fashion photography and blogging (of course!!).

My working title for the project is 'how has street photography affected the fashion industry and fashion photography?'

I ultimately want to look at how street photography and blogging has influenced and affected fashion today. In my research I will be looking at a range of photographers from street photography to fashion photography (listed below) so if you have any information on them or know a good book or website for me to look at, please let me know. 

Here are a few questions and if you have any answers, opinions or feedback I would love to read it in the comments so pleaseee do leave a comment below. Also, if you are doing the EPQ feel free to tell me what you are doing as I'd love to know!!

Who started the street photography/blogging 'craze'?

How have things changed, especially now the blogging community has grown and street photography has become very popular?

How has street photography affected fashion?

Do people prefer to see more 'realistic' fashion icons such as those they see on blogs rather than on catwalks or in studios?

How has street photography influenced fashion (or vice versa)?

Are some people against street photography/blogging?

Street photographers/bloggers:
Style Bubble,
What Katie wore - one of the first bloggers to introduce street style, blogging her outfit every day of the year,
The Sartorialist,
Dianne Arbus,
Garance Dore

Fashion photographers:
Tim Walker,
Juergen Teller,
David Bailey,
Mario Testino,
John Rankin,
Annie Leibovitz,
Corinne Day

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  1. I didn't do an EPQ but dammit I wish I had now... I could have done it on blogging :( love your blog btw! Thank you for all your beautiful comments x

    1. Thanks so much Jessie!! The love is returned x

  2. I'm not sure who started the street photography/blogging craze, but I do remember seeing blog posts featuring it for at least the last six years. I am positive that street fashions are a conduit that works in two directions - both reflecting fashion trends in each locale and also providing inspiration for the haute couture of fashion designers. I can't remember all the bloggers that did those posts, but I do remember seeing them from bloggers around the world.
    Yes, absolutely, realistic healthy looking models are the wave of the future. T]In my opinion the days of the old anorexic look once championed by DVF and Karl Lagerfeld are numbered.



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