Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Yes I know…this post is a little late but I kept forgetting to take some photos for it! I wanted to share with you a few of my Christmas presents, as I know loads of you like these kinds of posts! I didn't want to photograph everything so I chose my favourite presents, although I am so grateful for everything I received! What did you get for Christmas?

First of all, I got a Fuji Film FinePix camera, which i am in looooove with! Thanks so much Mum and Dad. I then got a few more presents in the photos below (which I took with my new camera!) I am so grateful for them and I have used them a lot already.

H&M JUMPER- This is so warm and cosy, and I feel like a Pinterest girl when I wear it hehe.
RING- Thank you Mum for this beautiful ring, I wear it with everything.
WRECK THIS JOURNAL- I've done a few pages already, it's just so fun to wreck a book for once.
LANTERN- The cutest candle of my ever-growing collection.
MAKEUP STORAGE- Thank you to my grandparents for getting me this, I just love the look of it in my room.
REVOLUTION EYE SHADOW PALETTE- Some of the colours in my Sleek palette are running out, so I was so happy to get this. And it is a new brand I haven't tried before.
MUA EYEBROW PENCIL- Thanks sis for this! It is the prefect colour for my brows and has a highlight on the other end, which is really pretty.

Again, thank you to everyone who got me a present. These are only a few of my favourite things! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas, and I hope 2015 has started well.

Tasha x


  1. I love everything you've got, especially the jumper!

    Alice x
    Sheer Beautiful l Bloglovin'

  2. Wreck This Journal is so cool. I just may have to get one because it ends up like a piece of art.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. I know! yes get one it is so much fun x

  3. In love with your christmas pressents♡

  4. these are such cute presents that ring is just beautiful. Nice post

  5. i started wreck this journal ages ago but kind of forgot to finish it, it's really cool though :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. it is and it's still nice to have for those days where you are completely bored! x

  6. Wreck this journals are the best! I just love mine.
    Savannah //


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