Saturday, 8 November 2014


Hello and Welcome, 

Ah the first week back at school is finally over, but I have mocks next week so all I've had time for is revision. Anyone else feel the same at the moment? Finally, I have got around to blogging, and I've wanted to post this post since Summer! (oh how I miss Summer *sigh*) 

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So todays post is a mini tour around my room! I really like the look of my room at the moment and I've managed to keep it looking similar to this in the Autumn, even though its dark outside. I hope you enjoy this post and it may inspire you to change your room up!

I keep adding so many memories to my wall, and I love how it looks. It is so easy to do too!

I loved the look of flowers on my bed side table, they brightened up the room and made it feel so summery! I may buy some fake flowers soon, so I can keep them in my room all year round. I kept them in an old glass bottle, which looked so cute. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and good luck for anyone with mocks or exams coming up!

Tasha x


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