Monday, 29 December 2014


First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you wanted. I had such a nice time and I DON'T want to go back to school next week ahhh! Please comment below if you would like to see my Christmas presents- I was thinking of showing you my main presents so it's not an extremely long post! I would love to know what you got too.

Second of all, thank you so much for 400 followers on Bloglovin (if you haven't already, go follow me here!!). I am so grateful as I have had my blog for nearly a year and I never thought I would get this far. In the past, I have made a little video and posted it each time I reached another 100 followers. So I have made a video, but this time I have put it on Youtube too! I've wanted to start a Youtube channel for a while now, to post anything I find hard to take photos of and just blog about. I want to do lots of outfits and lookbooks but other things too, like vlogs. So please go check it out and subscribe here!

A Trip to Brighton
I went shopping in Brighton with my friends, Sophie and Georgia, yesterday. I filmed some parts of the day and made a lil video - I hope you like it!
Please like, comment and subscribe- I will return.

Third of all, here are a few photos also from the trip to Brighton! It was such a lovely day and I couldn't help take photos on my new camera.

Thanks for reading this rather random post! But I hope you enjoy my blog and my youtube, and thank you again for following and subscribing.

Tasha x


  1. Congrats on 400, also can't wait for some more Youtube videos! xx

  2. I love your blog and your video is really good! I am defo gonna subscribe to your channel.

  3. Congrats on 400 followers! That's awesome. :)


  4. Love the video and these photos are awesome! Congrats tooo xo

  5. Congrats on 400 followers! your blog is soo cute :) may I ask what camera you use for filming? xxx

    1. Ah thanks, it's a Fujifilm fine pix bridge camera iI got for Christmas! It will be in a post soon x

  6. Congrats on 400 bloglovin followers and best of luck with your youtube channel xx :)

    Caitriona | Blog


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