Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Travel Makeup Bag

Hello and Welcome,

As it's the Easter holidays, on Friday I'm off to the Isle of Wight with my family! We are staying in a caravan and going out to the beach, on walks and out for dinner. I hope it is still sunny! What are you doing in the holidays?

Anyways, I thought I would share with you what I keep in my travel makeup bag. I just pack my basics, and not all my makeup. I also don't take many face care things, because I will just use soapy water to wash my face.

My makeup bag is a Celia Birtwell make up bag, which was part of a collection that Celia Birtwell designed for Boots. I got it as a birthday present and I love the design. I always take it on holiday because it can hold a lot, and is a good size!

It zips open, and inside are two zipped compartments. It also has pockets for your brushes.

I keep my makeup brushes and toothbrush in the pockets at the front. My makeup brushes came with this makeup bag, and they are really good. Although I'm looking for some new ones, any suggestions?

In the first zipped compartment, I keep my face make up. 

Miss Sporty Fabulous Colour Palette (I use the blusher from this palette)
Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzed Blotting Papers (can't find a link, sorry!)

The BB Cream gives me a light, moisturised base, as I don't want to wear heavy makeup on holiday! Then my blusher and bronzer are very summery and sparkly, and add a little extra to my makeup.

In the second zipped compartment, I keep my powder and basic eye makeup and lip products.

Prestige Sunkiss Lip Tint (can't find link, sorry!)

I can't go anywhere without this powder, It is very loved and keeps my makeup matte! I also bring my mascara and eyeliner, just for an everyday look. The Sunkiss Lip Tint is very small and perfect for travelling, and is also a lovely golden, nude colour. I like this lipgloss because it doesn't dry out my lips and is a gorgeous colour! Lastly, my concealer. I love the light coverage.

So that's everything! These are mainly my basic makeup products, but I still like to wear some makeup on holiday as we go out a lot! I hope you liked this post, comment below if you would like a review on any of the products mentioned.

What products can't you live without on holiday?
Also, going anywhere nice on holiday?

See you soon

Tasha x


  1. Love your make-up bag! Really need to invest in some powder like that too xx

    1. Thank you! and the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is really good! x

  2. I love your makeup bag, it looks really big! I need a new one at the moment. That MUA eyeliners my fav! xx


    1. It is quite big actually! My fav too! x

  3. Love the bag! Do they not sell it anymore? I recommend the Real Techniques brushes - such a cult product, but so worth the hype! I also love the BarryM brushes as a cheaper alternative :-) x

    1. I'm not sure,I've had it for quite a long time! And thank you for the recommendation! :) x

  4. i need a bag like this haha i usually take so much makeup in a stupid size bag need have a look or something similar, love you blog<3 xx


    1. Haha I know what you mean, this is a good size though! And awh thankyou! x

  5. Cute make up bag :)

    I just nominated you for the very inspiring blog award.
    Karen xoxo

    1. Thank you, I will check it out x


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