Friday, 4 April 2014

My March Favourites

Hello and Welcome,

Happy April everyone! This year has already going so fast! Easter is just around the corner… and so are my mock exams :/

Anyways, It's time for my March Favourites! I hope you like these type of posts, leave any blog post suggestions in the comments please lovelies. So let's get started…

Cropped Jumper//New Look
In March, I think I wore these three items the most! I have been in love with the collared jumper look, and also cropped jumpers. So these were perfect for me! I also have liked wearing dresses a lot more too, and the one was so cheap and so cute! You can see it in my OOTD post here.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001
Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer
MUA Matte Lipstick in Totally Nude
 I recently did a First Impressions blog post on the Stay Matte Powder, and I have loved it so far! It really does help your makeup stay, and keeps my face matte. I can see the difference, and I love it! I've also started using the Miss Sporty Concealer more because I like the coverage, although it's a bit glittery. I've also used my nude lipstick, I love the natural look and it's a nice colour for spring!

Hair/Skin Care

For the past month I have loved using this Nivea moisturising day cream. It's really nice to put on in the morning to brighten me up and keep my skin looked after. I would recommend this if you are looking for an everyday moisturiser! 

Sweater Weather//The Neighbourhood
My friend introduced me to this song, and I love it! The lyrics are great, and I'm getting into The Neighbourhood's music. You can listen to it here.


Recently, I have loved going on the Topshop and ASOS apps! I love looking at clothes on the go, but I haven't actually bought anything yet! It's just so addictive :)

So I hope you like my March Favourites!

I hope you have a good Easter, what are you up to in the Easter Holidays?

Tasha x


  1. That MUA lipstick looks lovely

    There's a YSL giveaway on my blog, check it out :)


    1. It's really nice, and ok I will check it out! x

  2. Absolutely love the shirt!! :) also, thanks for stopping at my blog


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