Sunday, 9 March 2014

My February Favourites

Hello and Welcome,

"Where have you been, Tasha?" You might be thinking… well, I have actually been extremely busy this past week! I was part of my school production of 'We Will Rock You', it was so much fun and really successful! So all day Sunday and Monday we rehearsed. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings we performed it and I miss it so much already! Then yesterday I slept over at my friends house. So that's where I've been!

But today I have finally got round to posting my February Favourites (better late then never!) These are the things I have been loving the past month, so I hope you enjoy!
*Picture heavy post!


 I have worn all of the above a lot in February. I love how a little ring can really accessorise an outfit, and rings are very in fashion at the moment! I would love to get some more rings, as some of mine are very old now! Also jeans and a wooly cardi was my go-to look last month. It is just so comfy and cute. These jeans were very cheap from Primark-only £7. My cardigan was a gift so not sure on the price, but I wear it non-stop.


Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black
Topshop Nails in Mermaid
All of these products are quiet new to me but I have worn them so much recently! Baby Lips in Pink Punch is such a pretty colour, I just put it on before I go out. It is also moisturising, which is good while it is still a bit cold! Next up, Great Lash mascara has a perfect sized brush for getting into the corner of your eyes and the bottom lashes to make your lashes look longer! Last but not least, I found this Topshop Nail polish in the sale for £1-bargin! It looks so pretty on-a lovely, shiny, metallic colour!

Hair/Skin Care

Sure Long Lasting Protection Deodorant in Cool Pink 
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Monochrome
Everyone needs deodorant, and this one is one of the best! I love the smell and freshness of this. I have definitely loved this a lot recently. Also I have used this dry shampoo often just to refresh my hair, and I love the smell! I really want the cherry one too :)


Rather Be//Clean Bandit
When it came to this category, this is the only thing that stood out for me! Rather Be by Clean Bandit, it is so catchy! It was played a lot in February and I love it! You can listen to it here


Recently, I have loved watching Youtube videos-Music videos, Fashion videos, Beauty videos! I love watching how to style something, or picking up makeup tips! My favourite youtubers at the moment are AllYours1516, Marieroseeee and Floralscene.

So this have been my February Favourites! Please comment if you want to know where to get anything, or how much it is, or even if you have any of these things too! 

Tasha x

P.S. I am going to try to stick to my blogging schedule now! Posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (and maybe Saturday too!)


  1. The play was so good! I nearly bought that Topshop nail colour too, but I didn't in the end. I wish I had! I haven't got on very well with that maybelline mascara :( I was putting it on one morning and it exploded! It sounds more dramatic then it was, I haven't touched it since, maybe I should try it again... xx

    1. Thank you, and Oh well next time! I love the Topshop Nails! And go on, try it again! haha xx

  2. The topshop nail varnish looks nice and I've been meaning to try the maybelline mascara for a while x
    Chloe's Little Nothing

  3. I really would like to buy some rings. I agree. I think they can look really cute ! Definatly need to do some shopping !
    Eb x

    1. They do, have fun shopping haha! x

  4. The topshop nail varnish looks sooo nice! and baby lips is my go to lip balm, it makes my lips so soft!

    1. It is really nice, yes I love Baby Lips too! x


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