Tuesday, 11 March 2014

First Impressions//Rimmel Powder and Foundation

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I want to jump straight in to my post today, all about my first impressions of these two products, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation! First of all this is my first "review" post, so please tell me if you liked it because I would love to do more posts like this! Now there is a story behind these products, I actually got them at the car boot sale on the weekend! I was in town with my family so we went to the car boot sale. I found a lady selling new makeup (it was still sealed and unused) for a very low price. I was tempted to buy this powder in the shop as it is very popular at the moment, and I have heard good things about it, but luckily I found it for a much cheaper price! Along with the foundation, which is also raved about quite a lot! I know it might seem a bit dodgy buying makeup at a boot sale, but these are definitely brand new and don't harm my skin. I couldn't say no, I got both products for £3! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 001 Transparent
"Long lasting pressed powder… Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested."

I really like this powder so far, it gives a matte finish and just looks so nice on! I'm not sure how long it has stayed on, but it does last a long time. It gives a powdery finish but looks very natural. Also the product is quite light and illuminating. It comes in many shades and is £3.99. I would recommend it!
First impressions 9/10 find it here

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 100 Ivory
"SPF 18… Light perfecting radiance foundation… Traceless coverage foundation with advanced Smart-Tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light. Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow. Lasts all day."

This has already become a favourite of mine! It is quite light and natural looking if you don't apply it really thick, and I like that. It is runnier then I thought it would be but is easy to apply. It has a pump, which isn't very good as it comes out quite quickly, but I will get the hang of that! This colour actually does match my skin tone, and it comes in other colours too. There is quite a lot of product and it will be perfect for spring as I feel it does illuminate a bit! It is £6.99, but I luckily got it much cheaper! :)
First impressions 8/10 find it here

These products work very well together, I am so glad I found them! I hope you enjoyed this mini review. Do you have either of these?

Tasha x

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  1. i really want to try the match perfection foundation - i've heard everyone talk about it! lovely post xx


    1. thank you! I like it for my skin type! x

  2. Hello :)
    As already mentioned in my review of this foundation, I don't quite like it, but the pressed powder? Oh my! I can't live a day without it in my bag - I carry it around with me all the time! But I don't quite agree with the 5hours thingy, maybe 3 to 4 mostly but then again it could be my weird skin haha.
    I really wanted this foundation to work for me but it didn't :/

    Great post by the way! haha it's funny how it's our first review and we chose the same foundation to review!

    Loved reading it.

    Belle xxx

    1. Awh thank you! yes the foundation must be nice for certain skin types! and I already love this powder, and I agree, i haven't used it that much so wasn't sure on the 5 hours!

      And I know it is funny haha! x


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