Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A-Z Of My Room • Part Two

Hello and Welcome,

So here is Part Two of my room post! If you want to see Part One, just click here. I hope you like this series and you think it is a good idea! If you would like a review on any products or would like to know where they are from, just ask in the comments! So lets jump straight in…


J is for Jack Wills catalog
I love the new range of clothes, it makes me even more excited for summer!

K is for Keys
You all know what these are! :)

 L is for Lamp
This is my bedside table lamp, it is so pretty and goes perfectly with my room.

M is for Make-up bag
I love my make-up bag, the floral pattern is so cute. Anyone want to see a 'What's in my make-up bag' post? I would love to do one!

N is for Nail polish
I have so many nail polishes! I love to paint my nails, and I will be a lot this summer!

O is for Orange lip gloss
I couldn't think of anything else that began with O! So I thought I would show you this cute lip gloss, it smells delicious.

P is for PJs
I know it's not Christmas anymore, but I love my pjs! They were only £3 at Primark in the sale.

Q is for Queen of hearts
Again, I couldn't think of anything else for Q! :)

R is for Rings
I am wearing rings non-stop recently, I just love them! These are a few of my favourites.

So that's all for Part Two! I hope you like this kind of post, it's something different. Please tell me what you think in the comments!

See you soon

Tasha x


  1. Cool blog:)! I've never seen one quite like it before!


  2. The pyjamas are so cute !
    Eb x

  3. I love your makeup bag, I need a small one I can take with me at the moment! You should defiantley do a 'whats in my makeup bag!' xx


    1. Thanks Lexie! Ok I might do that post x


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