Friday, 30 May 2014

Work Experience Goodies

Hello and Welcome,

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to work at my Dad's friends company for a day! The company is called Marber Eleganza and they create packaging for the cosmetic industry. So as part of the experience, I got to see how things were run and products they had made before. Also, I designed my own make up bag! It was really interesting and a great experience.

I first did some research on packaging already out there and looked at some of my favourite makeup brands. I then sketched some ideas for packaging, bags and boxes. I created my design and it was then created on the computer. This is what it looks like (sorry for the bad quality photos!)

It is a travel makeup bag, made to look like a mini suitcase, perfect for taking on holiday! I was inspired by Benefit's fun packaging, and also included a tutorial (the bit sticking out that folds over!)  like many of their products do. It has room for brushes, pots and palettes, and a mirror. It was really fun designing this, and I am so thankful for the experience!

I am also very thankful for the lovely goodies I was given! I received some samples to share with my sister and they are so nice. 

Max Factor Make Up Bags
Max Factor Lipstick Boxes
Clinique Travel Plastic Bags
Max Factor Bag
Rimmel Eyelash Curler
Nail Files

I really enjoyed my work experience and I am so thankful for my goodies! It was great to see what the job was like as it is something I am really interested in! So what is your dream job?

Tasha x


  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun and you got lots of goodies, even better hehe xx


  2. Sounds like a cool experience! It's so fun that you got to design your own bag! :)

    I tagged you over at my blog:


    1. i know it was so fun! and thank you i will check it out x

  3. Lovely post !xxKind of in love with your blog!
    Keep in touch xoxo


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